Free Home Delivery

Delivering Your Prescriptions, With A Dose Of Kindness

We understand that your time is valuable. Allow us to save you time with our FREE home delivery. We deliver to all patients within a 25-mile radius of our Lafayette, Colorado, pharmacy.

If you are outside our 25-mile delivery radius, please contact us to discuss ways we can accommodate you.


If you would prefer non-contact delivery let our pharmacists know so we can leave your prescriptions right at your doorstep. We will call you and wait a safe distance to ensure you receive your medication.


We understand the difficulty COVID-19 has brought to your daily routine. That’s why Chinook Pharmacy has made it easy for you to receive your prescriptions without ever leaving your home. Sit back, relax, and let Chinook handle the rest.

Reliable Experts

Do you have a question about your prescription(s) when your delivery arrives? Let our driver know and we will contact our pharmacist immediately to answer your question on the spot. Chinook doesn’t keep you waiting because we know the importance of medication.

So happy to have found Chinook. After a bad experience at a major grocery chain in town, I was searching for an independent pharmacy. I was thrilled to find Chinook. After reading the reviews, I signed up and have never looked back. They are always helpful, courteous, and dependable. We particularly like the delivery service. It’s a huge help to us. I highly recommend this pharmacy

Traci Gillespie

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