Frequently Asked Questions

See if we can answer your question here. If not, give us a call!

How long does it typically take from a medication being ordered to arriving at a patients’ home?
The time frame is dependent on delivery location, but new scripts usually take 24hrs and refills within 72hrs (usually sooner but never over these time frames)

Is there a delivery charge?
Not if you’re located within a 25-mile radius of our storefront! If you’re outside of our radius we can ship your medications.

Do your pharmacists contact the MD for refill approvals? If so, how do they contact?
Yes, we typically fax the MD’s. After 2 faxes and no reply, we call the MD’s to get the refills.

How do I transfer my prescription to Chinook?
Just give us a call with your current filling pharmacy or authorizing physician.

What type of insurance does Chinook take?
We accept a majority of insurances like Medicare and Medicaid. We do not accept Kaiser.

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